Restore civility to the neighborhood council

A productive council starts with respect and civility, especially when presented with differing views and opinions. As a community and as a council, we are not always going to agree on every issue or the solutions to those issues. We believe that we can arrive at the best possible solutions for the larger Silver Lake community by welcoming opinions beyond what we believe as individuals.

Rebuild community relationships

Right now, the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council is isolated and alienated from other community organizations in Silver Lake and our city councilmembers. We want to re-establish connections with our Silver Lake non-profit organizations, with our elected officials at the city level, and with our fellow community members. We believe that a functional Neighborhood Council depends on cultivating and maintaining healthy relationships.

Facilitate the best future for the silver lake reservoir

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to shape the next phase of the Silver Lake Reservoir. The decisions we make today will affect the way our children, grandchildren, and beyond interact with this open space that we are lucky to have in the middle of our neighborhood. The SLNC should be an active participant in the upcoming planning process, but not the only participants. The SLNC should engage the entire Silver Lake community in this process and help address the needs of the planning team. The reservoir is for all of Silver Lake.

support arts and culture in our community

Silver Lake is one of the most unique neighborhoods in Los Angeles. It is home to some of the most eclectic and distinguished artists, not just in Los Angeles but, in the country. As the neighborhood grows and develops, it is very important that Silver Lake retains its cultural and artistic vibrancy. We believe the Neighborhood Council should encourage and support the artistic spirit of Silver Lake to enhance our daily lives and facilitate cultural experiences to celebrate our diversity.

enhance public spaces

Silver Lake is blessed with beautiful public spaces including the Silver Lake Dog Park, the reservoir path, Bellevue Park, the Sunset Triangle Plaza, Sunset Boulevard, planting medians, sidewalks, and our shared streets. It is the Neighborhood Council’s role to maintain them, promote them, and facilitate their use for the benefit of the entire community. We want to prioritize maintenance, beauty, and function.

advocate for safe streets and a safe community

Whether you walk, bike, or drive, whether you live in the hills and traverse narrow hillside roads or in the flats and move along larger thoroughfares, we are committed to being an advocate for you. We believe the Neighborhood Council’s role is to facilitate healthy conversations within the community and to work with the city officials and local organizations to solve current and anticipate future challenges. We will work to reduce Waze residential cut-through traffic, advocate for increased public transportation to mitigate congestion and listen to our community's ongoing concerns and needs. We are proud of the work of the Transportation Committee and will work with them toward win-win solutions to increase safety in Silver Lake.

promote the work of the neighborhood council

There are many residents in Silver Lake who are actively involved in collaborating with the Neighborhood Council, but unfortunately, there are also many residents in Silver Lake who do not even know that they have a Neighborhood Council working on their behalf. We are committed to going to the underrepresented regions in Silver Lake to listen to the needs of those living there and to encourage them to become more actively involved. It is not the role of the Neighborhood Council to simply wait for constituents to come to them with concerns, but rather, we will be committed to going to where our constituents are and supporting them there.

support existing and future small businesses

A big part of the charm of our community is our local small businesses and restaurants. Whether you own a longstanding business, just opened yesterday, or are just getting started on something that will be opening in the future, we are dedicated to a Neighborhood Council that is pro-small business.

assist people experiencing homelessness

Los Angeles has one of the largest homelessness challenges in the country and Silver Lake is not immune. The Neighborhood Council can play an empathetic role in supporting the homeless while also advocating for the needs of residents. It does not have to be one or the other. We will increase disbursement of hygiene kits to the homeless, build relationships with organizations in Los Angeles already addressing homelessness to advise and assist, and push our city government to increase trash receptacles, increase street and sidewalk cleanups, and initiate creative solutions for those less fortunate than us.

maintain fiscal responsibility, accountability, and transparencY

Did you know that the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council has around $42,000 to spend on the neighborhood every year? That money can go to promoting the issues listed above, and it can also be used for Neighborhood Purpose Grants (NPGs). The purpose of an NPG is to make funds available to community members and community organizations outside of the Neighborhood Council for community projects, arts and culture events, and any other wonderful community building idea our community might have. NPGs are a community empowerment tool. The Neighborhood Purpose Grant budget in Fiscal Year 2015-2016 was $17,000. In Fiscal Year 2017-2018? It was $2,000. Why was this neighborhood empowerment tool almost completely removed from the budget? This information was difficult to find because it is not listed on the Neighborhood Council website. Silver Lake Progressive believes that the Neighborhood Council must be accountable to the community and list all of their financial information clearly and easily findable on the website. We also believe that Neighborhood Purpose Grants are one of the most important tools the Neighborhood Council has to support the community. We will be transparent, accountable, responsible, and will increase the budget for Neighborhood Purpose Grants and neighborhood empowerment.